General Questions

What is the Polycade?

Do you offer a program to help people start up arcades using your machine?

How much does the Polycade cost?

Can I replace the Polycade logo with my own logo?

Where does Polycade work best?

Where can I try a Polycade before I purchase one?


When will my order ship?

Where does Polycade ship?


Which games come with Polycade?

What's the difference between the Standard and Pro models?

Does the Polycade emulate Atari 800 games?

How much does the unit weigh?

What's the difference between the Home and Commercial models?

What are dimensions of Polycade?

Setup & Installation

How do I set up my Polycade?

Do you install the Polycade?

Is there a way to mount the polycade on a semi mobile free standing mount?

What is needed to install Polycade?


How to test your joysticks and buttons

Joysticks don't work upon bootup

How To Redeem Steam Keys

Steam Tab Issue

Having issues with the game pad buttons working properly.

Unable to log in, even with scroll function

Makes a loud buzzing noise when turned on (early version)

Adding / Removing ROMs

Steam is stuck on blue screen