The Only arcade machine you'll ever need

The Polycade Sente is an ultra high quality arcade console that enables you to play any game, from retro classics to modern titles like the latest releases of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and more.

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Modular Design


Swappable Controls



Easy Wall Mount or Freestand With Add-on



Gamer Grade Mini PC or ATX Chassis


Play Any Game

Download and install games from a myriad of sources, starting with the easy-to-use Polycade Game Store that can be accessed right on your Polycade Sente.

It doesn't stop there - Polycade also supports games from Steam, GOG,, as well as ROM files. Polycade is an open platform - it's your arcade, play what you want and enjoy endless fun!

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Fits Anywhere

Polycade Sente features our original retro-modern design that is a favorite of world-class interior designers and has been featured on Architectural Digest twice.

The minimalist design and small footprint enable the Sente to fit just about anywhere!

As Seen On...

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Ultra High Quality

Our all-steel arcade cabinet is powder coated for long lasting durability and easy cleaning.
We use premium Sanwa buttons and joysticks because they feel great and they're known for their longevity.

The Sente is built to be in your family for generations to come.


Get An Exclusive Discount

Sign up to receive nearly $400 in free decals when you purchase the Polycade Sente!