Setting up your Polycade

Congratulations! Looks like it's time to set up your Polycade so you can get playing ASAP!

For a more in-depth set of instructions, you can also view our Mounting Instructions PDF.

First, you’ll need a few tools to help with the setup your machine:

Drill / Screwdriver

Tape Measure

Stud finder



Got your tools? Great! Let's start installing!

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Remove the mount from the back of the machine by unscrewing the 2 screws attaching it to the cabinet.

Step 2

Locate studs in your wall using a stud finder.

Step 3

Screw mount into the wall where studs are located. There should be a minimum of 2 screws in studs. Other screws (not in studs) should use dry wall toggle anchors.

See mounting schematic below:

Make some room

Recommended: leave 1ft of space on either side of the Polycade for comfortable play 

Pick your height

Top of mount should be 60 1/2" inches from the ground (you can choose to go higher or lower depending on height of user) 

Hide that outlet

You can mount a power outlet so that all power cables are hidden behind the Polycade. Place your outlet in the green zone denoted above in order to achieve this

Step 4

Lift machine and hook onto mount (this is a two person job). 

Ensure the back of the machine falls into the groove of the mounting bracket and does NOT rest on the flat portion of the bracket!!

Step 5

Plug machine into wall outlet.

Step 6

Press power button, located on the underside, in the middle

Step 7

Connect your keyboard by opening the drawer and plugging it into a USB port inside.

Step 8

Press the window key on your keyboard to reveal the windows task bar. You’ll find the wifi symbol in the bottom right of the screen. Click this to show available wifi networks, and then sign on to your network.

Step 9

Sign in to your Steam account, or create a Steam account if you don’t already have one.

Step 10

Redeem the Steam keys that we include with your machine.

This process is simple, and made much easier if you copy and paste the keys (1 at a time). 

Follow the 3 steps below for each key!

1. Go to the "Library" Section in Steam.

2. Select the "Activate a Product" option.

3. Copy your key and paste into the text box.

Congratulations! You've completed setup of your Polycade. Time to get playing!

Advanced set up instructions / troubleshooting common issues

Problems with setting up your Polycade? Here's a small list of some of the more common questions we get from first-time users

Basic controls for the Polycade are below:

Still need help? Visit our Support page or contact us at if you need more assistance