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Polycade 2600
Polycade 2600


Play Polycade from the comfort of your couch!

Pre-sale begins October 27th.
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AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

A powerful CPU able to run demanding modern games.


Enough RAM for virtually any games from any era--including today.


Plenty of storage for 1,000s of retro classics and modern favorites.


Built on Windows 10 uses the Xbox controller protocol (Xinput), so you can customize the way you want and play with a choice of your own controller or one of ours.

5ghz Wifi

High bandwidth for HD gaming and streaming alike. Lights, camera, action.


Ports for everything so you can do anything: Ethernet, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, and 6x USB.

Easy like a console. Flexible like a PC. 

The Polycade2600 isn’t just built to play games — it’s built to last.

The Polycade 2600 is an easy plug-and-play system that comes with two rechargeable bluetooth controllers. Just add a TV, invite a friend over, and let the games begin.

Polycade 2600 makes the holy grail of gaming - the PC - easy for even the most novice user. WIth the Polycade 2600, you can play games from the past and present, even titles commonly found on platforms like Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo.

Because the Polycade 2600 is based on Windows 10, you can access more games than any other system in the galaxy. Seriously.

Additionally, rather than buy a new system in in a few years like the console life, you can upgrade the Polycade 2600...or even convert it into a desktop PC.

Limited pre-sale starting October 27th. Sign up to be first in line.

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