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Polycade Pay-to-play
Polycade Pay-to-play
Polycade Pay-to-play
Polycade Pay-to-play

Polycade Pay-to-play

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Polycade is a unique platform that caters to the casual game experience and is the only modern arcade platform designed to run both classic and modern games.

Polycade ships with 16 curated games pre-installed and games are updated automatically through the Polycade software.

Polycade offers new earning opportunities for Operators and is dedicated to providing operators with the highest-earning amusement game along with industry-leading serviceability & support. 

Shipping & Terms

Each Polycade is made in the USA. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

By placing an order through our website, you are accepting the following terms on behalf of your company or commercial enterprise: Terms of Sale.

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Our Features

  • Artificial Intelligence - Polycade uses artificial intelligence to swap out underperforming titles for new games, maximizing profits in each of your unique venues.
  • Flexible - At less than half the size of a typical arcade cabinet, Polycade can fit into more locations & more venues than any other amusement game.
  • Cashless - Expand your route and spend less time driving around. Polycade provides online reports & stats for your locations and you can cash out without ever leaving your home.
  • Innovative- Polycade was designed with a new age of tech-savvy customers in mind. Polycade offers unlimited options for games, intuitive design, and gives your users modern options to pay.
  • Repeat customers - Polycade comes with an platform that works to get users back to your venue. Polycade engages users and brings increased revenue to amusement operators and the venues they serve.
  • Wide Appeal- Polycade has both classic games and modern titles that appeal to all types of users. Plus, thanks to a huge catalog of constantly updating licensed games, users will never get burned out by playing the same game over and over again.