George Foreman's Knock-Out Boxing

A boxing simulation where players, taking the role of Foreman, go through a series of twelve rounds against different boxers to win the championship title belt.

Video credit: Alexandre Barbieri


Battle the computer or go toe-to-toe against a friend! Take on a roster of 15 heavyweight contenders as you go for the World Championship.

Played from an third-person perspective using a view similar to Punch Out, players can move left and right to dodge incoming punches, block and throw left and right punches.  By avoiding punches and hitting them, a superpunch becomes available, inflicting much more damage.

A fight consists of a maximum of three rounds of three minutes each. When a boxer is knocked down four times total or when a boxer goes down three times in a single round, the match is over.

When down, players need to press both punch buttons in rapid succession to get back to their feet. The screen shows an energy meter drained when punches are received. After being knocked down and during intermissions, some energy is restored.






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