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Our top selling product! The original 2 player wallcade. Suitable for residential or commercial use.


The Lux, evolved.
Suitable for residential or commercial use.

First day presale: $999 (no PC) / $1,250 (with mini PC)
After first day presale: $1,500 (no PC) / $1,750 (with mini PC)
MSRP: $1,999 (no computer) / $2,499 (with mini PC)


We've been producing the Lux for 8 years. It's been through 2 major versions and 4 minor versions. During this time, we've learned a lot about what could be possible with this product.

The Sente represents the culmination of our learnings. It is essentially an evolved version of the Lux - optimized, modular, and still high quality. 

Even the smaller size of the Sente is an optimization. The Lux uses a 27.5" monitor, which is a little too big for how close you are to the screen. The Sente's 24" monitor feels better to play on.

Additionally, because the Sente has a significantly lower price point (due to mass production instead of the Lux's made-to-order manufacturing), it means we can produce accessories like different control panels, marquee toppers, and more.

Because we feel the Sente is essentially an improved Lux, the Lux will be discontinued when the Sente becomes available.

Construction MaterialsPowder coated steelPowder coated steel
Computer OptionsPCMini PC, PC, or Console (Adapter required, works with any Xbox, Switch, PS4, PS5, more)
Operating SystemWin10 by default. Install whatever else you want.Win10 by default. Install whatever else you want.
Software OptionsPolycade AGS by default. Install whatever you want.Polycade AGS by default. Install whatever you want.
Gamepad CompatibleYesYes
Swappable ControlsNoYes
Default Controls2 player joystick setup + 2.25" trackball with mouse buttons2 player joystick setup, or choose your own.
Additional Control ModulesN/A3" Trackball / 4 way joystick / spinner + 8 way flightstick / others planned
Center Mount ControlsNoYes
Marquee Topper AttachmentNoPlanned
BacklightsFacing inwardsAcrylic band, LEDs facing out
Keyboard DrawerYesYes
Sound100W stereo100W stereo
Commercial OptionsIntegrated CC Reader2x Standard payment device mounting plates
InternetRJ-45 & WifiRJ-45 & Wifi
Decal OptionsSides + front decalsWhole machine decals or magnet graphics

Price comparison

First day presale: $999 (no computer) / $1,250 (with mini PC)
After first day presale: $1,500 (no computer) / $1,750 (W
MSRP: $1,999 (no computer) / $2,499 (with mini PC)

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