We’re on a mission to build community through gaming.

Social gaming for the future.

At the dawn of video games, people made new friends and met significant others over arcade machines — gaming was social. Arcade games were easy to learn, hard to master, and inspired competition or cooperation. They were an interactive excuse to hang out with friends and make new ones.

Polycade’s arcade gaming platform brings the latest technologies to this beloved gaming format, providing a modern gaming experience focused on in-person play. Features like player accounts, shared leaderboards, built-in photobooth, digital assets, and the ability to play both retro and modern games make our player experience appropriate for the 21st century. 

It doesn't stop there - our internet connected machines are constantly updating with new software, new games, and new features. 

Polycade is designed for home and commercial - ask for Polycade at your favorite bar, restaurant, or retail store today, because we all deserve fun and high fives!

Our Values

1. Community

We aim to connect diverse groups through shoulder-rubbing social gaming. Arcade machines are the ultimate ice breaker - Nolan Bushnell once said that hundreds of people have thanked him for introducing them to their significant other due to the two player game Pong.

2. Easy To Learn, Hard To Master

The mantra of mid-core gaming! Games that are easy to learn can appeal to casual gamers, while a depth of skill keeps hard-core gamers entertained.

3. Good Design

Innovative, unobtrusive products that look good in any environment. Simple and inviting to draw people in. Care and accuracy in every detail.

4. Teamwork

We work with customers and partners to leverage collective genius and collaborate toward positive improvements in both product and relationships.

5. For the Future

Inspired by the past, we build for the future. Challenging preconceived beliefs on product design, technology, and constantly improving & innovating to last.

6. Fun

We believe fun should be incorporated into everything we do. We create fun and togetherness; a friendly environment where people enjoy coming to work and playing together.