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Inside Steve Aoki’s House in Las Vegas

Electro house DJ and producer Steve Aoki shows us how he turned an auction-block property into his very own work of art in Las Vegas


Lil Jon Wants To Do What?

Check out S2 E6 "A Space To Get Turnt Up" to see Polycade in one of Lil Jon's wicked renovations!!

HBO's Made For Love

You can see both the Polycade Lux and the Squadcade in Season 2 episode 4 of HBO's "Made For Love"!

HBO's Silicon Valley

Ok this one is pretty silly because if you blink, you'll miss us, but we had to put this in here anyways because we're fans of the show.

Two Polycade Lux machines can be seen for roughly 3 frames in some episode, we can't remember which one. It's the one where the Asteroids cabinet gets some decent screen time...maybe like season 5 or something.


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