Game Night @ Angel City Brewery

Canceled due to Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 24th @ 7:30-10:30PM

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Join us for a super casual multi-game, multi-round arcade tourney on the 2 Polycade arcade machines at Angel City Brewery.

We'll look to start the tournament around 8pm, but get there early to sign up, practice, and grab a drink!

All skill levels welcome. 21+.

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Canceled due to Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Angel City Brewery
216 Alameda St. Los Angeles, CA

This your first Game Night?

Welcome! Here's what to expect:


Grab a drink and sign up to play.

This is also a good time to practice!


Rules for each game that will be played that night are explained. If you miss this, I can explain the goal/buttons when it's your turn.

If there’s a large turnout, at this point everyone will be grouped into teams. I'll do my best to group you with any friends if you want to play with them (though it might be more fun to challenge them!)


Competition begins.

We'll let you know when you/your team is next up. If you're on a team, you can select a representative to play the game for that round.

8- 9:45pm

You/your team will likely play 3-5 matches over 3-5 rounds.

When it's not your turn to play, you can hang out, grab another drink, or watch ongoing competitions.


Finalists will be announced and will compete in a Championship Round or 2.


Winner is crowned and prizes are awarded.

Winning person/team typically gets street cred, a beer, and maybe some other prizes. 

We'll also try to get a pitcher or 2 during the competition for everyone to share, so really, we're all winners.