Silver Lake Game Night

Polycade hosted a Game Night at 33 Taps in Silver Lake. At the event, 18 players faced off in a multi-round, head-to-head Tricky Towers tournament. Lots of fun & trash-talking was had.

Crowds gather around a competitive game of Tricky Towers

Each round, 2 players faced off in a different game mode from the game Tricky Towers:

Round 1 was Race Mode, where players need to build their towers high enough to reach a finish line. 
Round 2 was Survival mode, where players have three lives and whenever a block falls off their tower, they lose one life.
Round 3 was Puzzle mode, where players stack as many blocks as possible onto a small base below a line. Winners are decided by the amount of blocks: the one with the most win.

Game 8 of Round 1: Kiki vs. (eventual champ) Wyatt

After 3 rounds, the venue turned on the lights and kicked everyone out, so... we tallied up the scores and awarded our winners with Polycade swag. Congratulations to our top 3!

Supreme Champion: Wyatt
Worthy Adversary: Gavin
Maybe Next Time: Noel

Our game night bracket