Polycades for Bars

Entertainment is a cornerstone in attracting customers to your bar. Polycade offers games tailored to your clientelle, in the smallest footprint possible.

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What Polycade can do for your bar:

Attract more patrons

Bring new people to your bar by offering something fun that your competitors don't have

Increase linger times

Boost profits by keeping patrons at your bar longer (and spending more money)

Create community

Encourage interaction between attendees of your bar to leave a lasting impression

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$4,200.00 - $4,500.00

Purchase of the Commercial Polycade includes software and 24 months game updates and support

Polycade is a bar's best friend

Entertainment is a key factor in attracting customers today. Most bars that succeed in todays market have great entertainment options!

Increase community in your bar

The minimal footprint won't waste much needed space, plus getting started is as easy as mounting a TV

Become the spot everyone is talking about 

More reasons to love Polycade

There are so many reasons!

Innovative design

Low profile sleek design and available in black and white means it will suit the decor of your bar and fit your establishment's atmosphere 

Only the best games

Each Polycade comes with a variety of only the best classics games, so visitors to your bar can play all their favorites

Flexible pricing

With our commercial pricing, you pay as you go. This includes free maintenance for the length of your contract.

Easy to use

 With our easy setup and friendly and intuitive physical control interface, all you have to do is plug it in to let the fun begin!

Wall mounted

Since the cabinet mounts to your wall, it has the smallest footprint on the market and won't clutter your much needed space.

Extra features

Awesome features like a camera will help your patrons capture the fun and promote your bar on social media.

Don't get left behind the bar-cade revolution!