Scorespace Polycade Jam

Join us on Instagram for an auction to raise money for
Black Lives Matter.

To enter, navigate to the Instagram Post that we'll be publishing to our feed on Friday, July 31 at 12pm PST and submit your bid.

Auction begins in


The post will look like this!

Contest Rules


1 Polycade Home in White
Retail price: $4,299 + tax & shipping

Opening bid

$100 USD

Minimum bid increment

$100 USD


Winning bidder must be based in USA

Bidding closes July 31st at 9pm PST.

Bidding will rollover until the last bid stands for 5 minutes.

Bid submission

You MUST submit your bid via comment on our Instagram post at We will not accept bids via DM or email.

Auction post will be published onto Instagram at 12pm PST.

All new bids must be submitted in a new comment vs. a reply to an old bid. This will make it easier for any other bidders to see what is happening and ensure your bid is not lost in the reply thread.

Payment Deadline

Winner will be emailed an invoice on Monday, August 3rd for amount matching their winning bid.

Winner will have 24 hours from receipt of invoice to remit full payment.

Failure of full payment results in the watch going to next highest bidder.

Winning bid total is inclusive of shipping to the USA. 


Polycade will donate all proceeds to Black Lives Matter.

Visit our Instagram page