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Get your game onto a Polycade and start benefitting right away.

Earn money

Polycade is a new source or recurring revenue for your new games and library of past titles Plus, if your game earns well, you get a free Polycade.

It's easy for you

Polycade's platform runs on Windows 10 native, making things easy for you.

Instant deployment

Polycade has a footprint in tons of public locations, which means you can expect to see your game being played out in the world as soon as it's deployed.

Get noticed

Our game library is highly curated, so your game won't be pushed out of the way by titles from big game studios.

Build a new audience

Polycade's user base is entirely different from other platforms. Get your game in front of a totally new audience.

Created for devs

Polycade was built for social games meant to be played in-person. If that's why you love making games, we're the perfect platform for you.

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