All-Star Baseball 2001

Acclaim’s All-Star Baseball 2001 was one of the best ever reviewed baseball games for N64.

Video credit: Emulation64


All-Star Baseball 2001 features over 700 Major League Baseball players and 30 stadiums, plus a Coopertown Legends team chock full of baseball legends like Yogi Berra, Willie Stargell and Reggie Jackson.

All-Star Baseball 2001 boasted faster gameplay than its predecessors, with Easy Batting and also Pitching options, plus a new Batting practice mode that gives players a way to get used to the complicated simulation batting controls. Manage your roster with multi-player trades; create, sign and release players.

For those hankering for the arcade experience, single-button pitches and swings are the norm, while realists can enable variable pitching and batting-simulation cursors.






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