Foreman For Real

You're facing 20 of the toughest boxers in the world, and each packs a powerful punch! If you get past them, you got "Big" George Foreman and the title waiting!  So get in there, get tough, and get real: FOREMAN FOR REAL!

Video credit:  10min Gameplay


George Foreman For Real is a boxing game with a 3rd-person view similar to Punch Out. A full range of punches and jabs are available, with full round-by-round scoring from the judges. You can choose from 3-12 rounds, and there are 2 camera views as well as an automatic switch option.

Play simple exhibition matches or tournaments, or launch into a career mode, where you start at the bottom of the world rankings and must reach the top by beating the game's players with varying strengths and weaknesses.






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