Tricky Towers

Physics based tower building with three awesome game modes: Race, Survival and Puzzle.

Video credit: WeirdBeard


If you've ever played Tetris, Jenga, or taken an engineering/physics class, you'll be stackin' Tricky Towers blocks in no time. You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to jump right in, but you will need to stack wisely to withstand the various elements that will be thrown at you by your opponents (magic spells!) and built-in elements like wind & rain and varying properties of the stackable blocks you're using to build.

With a few really fun modes of play: build the tallest tower the fastest, stack the most blocks before the game ends, or "survival mode" where there are basically no rules, you can expect short games that typically end with everyone laughing raucously at someone’s final-second tower collapse.

Tricky Towers is a great example of a game that performs best in a social setting, which is something we really love. Sure, it's real lighthearted with its colorful graphics and low barrier to entry and anyone can play, but like any great party game, there's always a possibility of straining your relationship with your friend in the name of dark magical powers.







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