The best arcade machine for Pizza Parlors.

Make your customer's overall experience at your restaurant fantastic! 
Polycade Pay-to-Play brings a variety of games to your customers as they wait for their order,
ensuring that they never find themselves just waiting around.


More overall enjoyment

Customers will enjoy every moment of their visit, even when they're waiting for a slice to heat up.


Increased length of stay

Keep patrons at your restaurant longer and spending more money.


Repeat visitation

Leave a lasting impression and they'll be back again and again.

Do you want to increase profits in your restaurant? 

Polycade offers new earning opportunities for pizza parlor owners.

Artificial Intelligence

Polycade uses artificial intelligence to swap out underperforming titles for new games, maximizing profits in your restaurant.

Wide appeal

Thanks to a huge catalog of constantly updating licensed games that appeal to any age or gender, patrons will return to your restaurant to see what's new.


Polycade provides online reports & stats for your restaurant. Never worry about your patrons asking for change.


At a third of the size of a typical arcade cabinet, Polycade can fit into a smaller space than any other amusement game.


Polycade offers unlimited options for games and an intuitive design, and gives your users modern options to pay.

Engaging features

Polycade comes with an platform that works to get users back to your venue and bringing increased revenue.

Get Polycade Pay-to-Play for your Restaurant

Polycade is dedicated to providing operators with the highest-earning amusement game along with industry-leading serviceability & support.


Pricing available upon request

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Shipping & Terms

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Speedy Delivery

Just a 4-6 week lead time from the time you place your order

Regular updates

Games updated automatically through the Polycade software.

Service & Support

Your Pay to Play includes unlimited game updates & support.

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Looking for a Free-to-play model for your restaurant? You can get it here.

Serviceability & Reliability

Unlike classic arcade consoles, Polycade is incredibly easy to maintain.

Thoroughly tested

Each Polycade has passed rigorous mechanical and electrical testing to ensure highest possible quality and reliability.

Built to last

Polycade is constructed from steel & its display is protected with tempered glass, so you know your system will be safe from any damage that comes its way.

Modern tech

Polycade runs on a familiar PC, so servicing is simple & finding replacement parts doesn't take an expert. 


Polycade is cloud-based, which means we can detect if something is broken and alert you, or even fix it remotely.

Why pizza parlor owners love Polycade

Innovative design

Low profile sleek design and available in black and white means it will suit the decor of your restaurant and fit your establishment's atmosphere. 

Only the best games

Each Polycade comes with a variety of only the best classics games, so visitors to your restaurant can play all their favorites.

Hassle free

Polycade Pay-to-Play comes with unlimited game updates, software, and remote support.

Easy to use

 With our easy setup and friendly and intuitive physical control interface, all you have to do is plug it in to let the fun begin!

Wall mounted

Since the cabinet mounts to your wall, it has the smallest footprint on the market and won't clutter your much needed space.

Extra features

Awesome features like a camera will help your patrons capture the fun and promote your restaurant on social media.