A collaboration with artist Alex Yanes

Back when Polycade was just getting started, Miami nightlife legend Dave Grutman snagged one of the few blue Polycades we built. Dave then commissioned artist Alex Yanes to add the robot elements, resulting in the masterpiece you see pictured here. 

If you're interested in a custom Robocade, contact us and we can set it up!

About Alex Yanes

Alex's uniquely layered work has become his autobiography, speaking volumes about who he is and what he has seen. A son of Miami, his story is influenced by his Cuban roots and an ever-growing curiosity about all the things the city had to offer him during the 80’s and 90’s.

Yanes’ work is the result of years spent immersed in skateboard, tattoo, hip-hop and rock culture during his teenage years, but says he felt the stirrings of creativity at a young age. He won his first art contest at age six and claims that one of his greatest accomplishments was building his own tree house at the age of 10; a feat he accomplished with the knowledge and tools imparted on him by his father and grandfather.