Magnetic Decal - Artist Edition - Pretty Done
Magnetic Decal - Artist Edition - Pretty Done
Magnetic Decal - Artist Edition - Pretty Done

Magnetic Decal - Artist Edition - Pretty Done

This product is currently in pre-production. Orders are estimated to ship in May.

Easily change the look of your Sente with this set of magnetic decals!


  • A full set of magnetic decals that cover the entire exterior of your Sente
  • Magnetic decals to cover your Marquee
  • Semi-transparent marquee lightbox graphic
  • Digital lightbox graphic for marquee screens
  • A digital screensaver to match the decals


Printed on magnetic sheet to make application and removal easy.


Artist Edition

Pretty Done's decal gives your Sente a pop art vibe reminiscent of graffiti!

The magnets are strong, making them hard to take off accidentally, yet easy to swap when you want a change of design in your space.

Artwork by artist Pretty Done.


About Pretty Done

Pretty Done is a creative art brand creating abstract, freestyle pop art. Hand-drawn characters, fonts, and design patterns are processed with creative color combinations and bold lines across various mediums,including canvas, street murals, clothing, immersive room designs, and traditional paper and ink.


photo taken by @the1point8


Sente Compatible

The Magnetic Decals are compatible with the Sente arcade machine!

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