Evo 2016

The Evolution Championship Series (known as EVO) is a yearly fighting game competition held in Las Vegas. We attended over the Summer of 2016 during the event's 20th anniversary. The event hit record-breaking numbers and was even broadcast on ESPN2!

Crowds gather around a game of Lethal League on Polycade

EVO hosted a tournaments for a variety of fighting-themed video games, including Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Pokkén. We introduced attendees to a few of our favorite fighting games, including Lethal League, which is being played in the photo above.  Lethal League is a 2D arena fighting video game where the goal is to hit a ball back and forth, and have the ball hit other players/avoid being hit. With each consecutive hit, the ball will speed up more, making it harder and harder (and more and more fun).

Mortal Kombat on Polycade

EVO attendees also got a chance to play some other well-known fighting games on Polycade, including Mortal Kombat! Fun fact: Polycade can run classic games as well as incredibly intensive games like MK11.

PC gamers in attendance at EVO

Devolver asked us to make a couple custom wraps for some of their games. The one above was made for Mother Russia Bleeds, a super-fun beat 'em that's similar to Streets of Rage and Double Dragon.