A concoction of two passions, music and geek culture, Party Stream was created by IHEARTCOMIX to bring viewers original sets from a variety of artists coupled with live gaming. For their second party stream, we partnered with several brands including Twitch, Loot Crate, Jukely, Noble e-Sports, and PHHHOTO


Players compete live in MKX

During the event, we set up a room with Polycades dedicated to Mortal Kombat X. There was a camera on top of one of our machines to capture all the awesome live gaming moments while Ghastly performed and the party was live-streamed to Twitch.

Another one from inside the Polycade live gaming room

In total, there were 6 cameras that were cycled by a control room and streamed to Twitch. A selection of awesome video games, including Dark Souls 3, were also given away to those following along, but the real winners were the people who got to play on a Polycade.