Cupholder Panel Inserts
Cupholder Panel Inserts
Cupholder Panel Inserts
Cupholder Panel Inserts
Cupholder Panel Inserts

Cupholder Panel Inserts

Presale Discount!

This product is currently in pre-production. Orders are estimated to be delivered in early August.

Place your order now and save! This discount will expire July 12th.

Cupholders with advanced functionality!

  • 2x Cupholder sets with each order
  • Includes wall-mount brackets
  • Enables you to center-mount Sente arcade controllers
  • Removable cup for easy cleaning


Durable Powder Coated Steel


Switch (optional)
PS3 (optional)


Wall-mount brackets
Enables center mounting
Holds cups


6.3125 " W (160mm)
3.125" H (79mm)
9" D (228mm)
2 lbs (907g)


Polycade Sente

Beverages & centered play!

Aside from holding your favorite beverage, these cupholder inserts enable you to mount any Sente arcade controller in the center of your Sente for the optimal single player experience.

When you're ready to switch back to 2 player mode, simply drop these cupholders into the included wall-mounting brackets so you can continue enjoying delicious beverages while crushing your friends with HADOUKENS.


Sente Compatible

The Cupholder Inserts are compatible with the Sente swappable panel system! Easily switch arcade controls for an authentic all-in-one arcade experience!

The Cupholder Inserts are "quarter panels", enabling you to center mount any other Sente half panel.