Standard Arcade Controller
Standard Arcade Controller
Standard Arcade Controller
Standard Arcade Controller
Standard Arcade Controller
Standard Arcade Controller

Standard Arcade Controller

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The Standard Arcade Controller provides an authentic arcade gameplay experience! Key highlights:

  • Use stand-alone with your PC / Switch / PS3, or drop into the Polycade Sente arcade machine!
  • Includes an 8-way arcade joystick, which is the best control type for most arcade games!
  • Connect via USB (includes 3' USB cable)


Durable Powder Coated Steel Enclosure


Switch (optional)
PS3 (optional)


8-way Joystick
Octagonal Gate
Sanwa Buttons
Sanwa Joystick
Brook Controller Board


12.625 " W (320mm)
3.125" H (79mm)
9" D (228mm)
2 lbs (907g)


Polycade AGS
Raspberry Pi
Nintendo Switch

The Cornerstone of The Modern Arcade

The Standard Arcade Controller is your first step in arcade gameplay.

Polycade's unique approach to button layout has been broadly tested across classic games and modern titles alike, providing the best game play experience across the most games.

This controller uses an 8-way joystick - most classic and modern arcade games are best played using this type of joystick (left, right, up, down, and diagonals). Games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and so many more are best played with the Standard Arcade Controller.


Magnetic Button Key Included!


Best-in-class Controls

A joystick and buttons that feel amazing, paired with quality, high-function controller boards!

Polycade uses the same joysticks and buttons favored by most pro fighting game players - Sanwa. We go a step further to create the most precise gameplay with the best feel by customizing the joystick with an octagonal gate - making your HADOUKENS easy to execute.

To complete the build, we use our co-designed Brook Accessory controller boards. After 7 years building arcade machines, we realized the perfect arcade controller boards didn't exist - so we worked with Brook and built them together.


What does this mean? It means you won't have to configure the controls for nearly any game, modern or retro.

No Mode Switching

Most controller boards allow you to switch modes, which results in a broken arcade experience.

Fixed Player Positions

No other X-Input native controller in existence has a way to set player position.

Hack & Mod

The Standard Arcade Controller is easy to take apart, swap buttons, etc. You could also swap the controller board with another Brook product, depending on what systems you're aiming to play on (Xbox, Playstation, etc). 

Optional Firmware

If you want to play on a Nintendo Switch or PS3, you can update the firmware for this product to support these systems! Click here for more info.


Sente Compatible

The Standard Arcade Controller is compatible with the Sente swappable panel system! Easily switch arcade controls for an authentic all-in-one arcade experience!

The Standard Arcade Controller is a "half panel", able to be mounted with another half panel or center-mounted with our cupholder inserts!