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Get something fun for the office to increase workplace happiness, productivity, and inspire employees to stick around longer.

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What Polycade can do for your office:

Attract the best

Attract candidates to your company by offering a perk that your competitors don't have

Increase Productivity

Extensive studies have shown that a quick break every 90 minutes increases employee productivity

Create community

Encourage interaction within your workforce to create togetherness and facilitate teamwork

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Speedy Delivery

Just a 4-6 week lead time from the time you place your order

Regular updates

Games updated automatically through the Polycade software.

Service & Support

Your Free to Play includes 6 months of game updates & support.

Polycade is your office's best friend

Offices and Polycades are a match made in heaven.

Increase community in your office

The minimal footprint won't waste much needed space, plus getting started is as easy as mounting a TV

Become the office everyone is talking about 

More reasons to love Polycade

There are so many reasons!

Innovative design

Low profile sleek design and available in black and white means it will suit the decor of your office.

Only the best games

Each Polycade comes with a variety of only the best, so your employees can play all their favorites.

Hassle free

Polycade Free-to-Play comes with two years of unlimited game updates & remote support.

Easy to use

 With our easy setup and friendly and intuitive physical control interface, all you have to do is plug it in to let the fun begin!

Wall mounted

Since the cabinet mounts to your wall, it has the smallest footprint on the market and won't clutter your much needed space.

Extra features

Awesome features like a camera will help your employees capture the fun and promote your company on social media.

Increase your profits by bringing your office together