Dunk Lords

Two-on-two basketball beat 'em up featuring special moves, dunks, and game-changing equipment.

Video credit: DunkLordsGame


Dunk Lords is a 2-on-2 basketball game that's been inspired by great sports arcade games like NBA Jam. However, unlike classic sports games from the last decade, Dunk Lords adds many elements that set it apart and modernize it for today's gamers.

First, when selecting your team, you are given the option of 16 players, both human and non-human, each with their own unique skills and special moves. Choose from a robot, or a humanoid bear, or even a weird strawberry jam man!

As you play the game, you will collect money and gain energy power-ups. In between quarters, you can spend the money on special equipment that can do things like make you faster or make your passes impossible to steal.

With additional options like uppercuts and specials, Dunk Lords adds a beat em' up element with a purpose: create space for an open shot on offense, or steal the ball from the other team on defense...or even block dunks if you time it right.






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