Galactic Battleground

Pilots can use their environment, power ups, or standard projectiles to eliminate their opponents.

Video credit: Slackerz Inc


Galactic Battleground is one of many modern games that plays just like a classic arcade game. From the 8-bit music to pixel graphics to the familiar mechanics of 70s era space-inspired shooters, Galactic Battleground is perfectly at home on Polycade.

Galactic Battleground plays similarly to a versus-style Galaga, but with elements of Asteroids and Super Smash Bros as well. You begin the game matched up across the screen from your opponent and have to dodge incoming space debris and asteroids while also making sure to avoid your opponent’s fire.

While it sounds simple, there’s an additional level of strategy involved in choosing the best power-up, and also deciding the best time to release the power-up for maximum damage. With these additional features, Galactic Battleground takes the aspects that makes Galaga so great but adds a fresh new take that works perfectly for today’s players.






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