NBA Jam 2000

NBA Jam 2000's focus was all about realism and detail. The moves in the game are motion-captured based on Xavier McDaniels, offering smooth animations of 800 moves, including defensive grabs, push-offs, post-ups, and picks.

Video credit: 8-Bit Days a Week


Besides the updated teams and graphics, the main addition NBA Jam 2000 makes to NBA Jam 99 is a new action-oriented Jam mode. It makes away with all the rules and has two-on-two matches. After three strikes in a row, the ball is set on fire and can be used to perform special moves.

Simulation mode allows players to play a whole season (optionally with basic management options which concentrate on trading athletes), a custom season, play-offs, shoot-out or exhibition matches. Other options include an editor to create a new Player. 






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