We’re on a mission to build community through gaming.

Social gaming for the future.

I grew up surrounded by gaming in a way that most kids could never dream of experiencing. My dad invented Atari and started Chuck E Cheese. I know. I still can't believe how crazy that is.

From a young age, I was lucky enough to witness the power of gaming as a means of social bonding. My seven brothers and I were enveloped by games; we lived and breathed them. We built community around playing games together in person.

It was this unique upbringing that allowed me to notice the massive market opportunity for gaming in today's world.

Internet connectivity is changing the way we interact with one another. We're spending more time communicating virtually, we're losing face-to-face social connectedness, and we're becoming socially isolated.

At the same time, modern video games are pushing players toward solitary gaming. The low-commitment experience that once made video gaming accessible and so popular in out of home environments has largely disappeared.

We know that being around others builds trust and friendship, that face-to-face connection brings happiness, that replacing your real-world relationships with social media use is detrimental to your health. We know we need to spend more time out of our homes, off our phones, and be more in the moment.

So why isn't technology working harder to connect people in real life and build communities that affect our well-being for the better?

As children of Nolan Bushnell, my siblings and I were often reminded of the power of gaming to bring people together. We heard it in the stories of 100s of people who told my dad that they had met their significant other over a game of Pong and thanked him for his part in making that happen. We saw it with our own eyes. We recognize that we have an opportunity to provide the perfect catalyst for interaction.

So we set out on a mission to make gaming social: getting people out of their houses, making new friends, and building community. Oh, and having some fun along the way too.

We created Polycade.

Our Values

1. Community

We aim to connect diverse groups through social gaming. We provide a culture of inclusivity, where everyone is welcome and interaction is inspired.

2. Accessibility

We believe there should be no barrier to entry to play video games. Easy to play, easy to find, easy to maintain--because you shouldn’t have to work to have fun.

3. Good Design

Innovative, unobtrusive products that looks good in any environment. Simple and inviting to draw people in. Care and accuracy in every detail.

4. Teamwork

We work together to leverage collective genius and collaborate toward positive improvements in both product and relationships with customers, operators, employees, developers, and partners.

5. For the Future

Inspired by the past, we build for the future. Challenging preconceived beliefs on product design, technology, and constantly improving & innovating to last.

6. Fun

We believe fun should be incorporated into everything we do. We create fun and togetherness; a friendly environment where people enjoy coming to work and playing together.