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Polycade is the only connected arcade cabinet that takes the hard work of collections and maintenance out of the hands of operators. 

Through use of modern technology and a curated platform, Polycade enables operators to generate more revenue while spending less time managing their interactive entertainment.

Polycade Pay-to-play
Polycade Pay-to-play
Polycade Pay-to-play
Polycade Pay-to-play
Polycade Pay-to-play

Speedy Delivery

Just a 4-6 week lead time from the time you place your order

Regular updates

Games updated automatically through the Polycade software.

Service & Support

Your Pay to Play includes unlimited game updates & support.


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Shipping & Terms

Do you want to increase revenues on your route? 

Polycade offers new earning opportunities for Operators.

Artificial Intelligence

Polycade uses artificial intelligence to swap out underperforming titles for new games, maximizing profits in each of your unique venues.


At a third of the size of a typical arcade cabinet, Polycade can fit into more locations & more venues than any other amusement game.


Expand your route and spend less time driving around. Polycade provides online reports & stats for your locations and you can cash out without ever leaving your home.


Polycade was designed with a new age of tech-savvy customers in mind. Polycade offers unlimited options for games, intuitive design, and gives your users modern options to pay.

Repeat customers

Polycade comes with an platform that works to get users back to your venue. Polycade engages users and brings increased revenue to amusement operators and the venues they serve. 

Wide appeal

Polycade has both classic games and modern titles that appeal to all types of users. Plus, thanks to a huge catalog of constantly updating licensed games, users will never get burned out by playing the same game over and over again.

Why venues love Polycade

Entertainment is a key factor in attracting and keeping customers in your venue. 

Attract new patrons

Drive new business by offering interactive entertainment.

Increase length of stay

Keep patrons at your venue longer and spending more money.

Repeat visitation

Leave a lasting impression and have them coming back again and again.

Serviceability & Reliability

Unlike most classic arcade consoles, Polycade is incredibly easy to maintain and tested for years of enjoyment.

Built to last

We've built a lot of arcade machines. We've seen them used by experts and casual players, we've seen them used in homes and in brutal environments like bars and restaurants.

That's why Polycade is constructed from steel & its display is protected with tempered glass. We know what it takes to make sure your investment lasts.

High grade steel 

Powder coated finish.

Tempered glass

Thoroughly tested

Polycade is assembled in a 100,000 square-foot facility by a ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing partner.  Our manufacturer has been building amusement games since 1979, and with their experience, they have developed robust QA processes. Each component of the Polycade has passed rigorous mechanical and electrical testing to ensure highest possible quality and reliability.

Quality Processes

Thoroughly tested

Unmatched experience

Operator-friendly features

Polycade operates on a modern PC, so servicing is is simple & getting replacement parts is easy.

Through years of experience, we've added features never before seen in amusement games. One example of this is our control panel, which can be completely replaced within seconds.

Modular control panel

Easy-to-access USB ports to connect to 

Control panel can operate as a mouse


Polycade is cloud-based, which means we can detect if something is broken and alert you. Never show up to a venue an find a broken machine again.

With online access, you can get reports & stats for your locations. Best of all, you can cash out without ever leaving your home. Expand your route and spend less time driving around. Earn more with Polycade.



Remote transfers

Support you can count on.

Polycade develops long-term relationships with our operators. 
That's why we offer around-the-clock tech support and tons of downloadable marketing & promotional collateral, helping you maximize your investment.

Built for arcade games. Built for ease.

Polycade Free to Play comes with 16 easy-to-learn games, and an endless library of titles is available.

Curated library

Using artificial Intelligence, we swap in new games for any unpopular games that aren't being played.

Options for everyone

The only arcade platform designed to run both classic & modern games.


No unnecessary features that you won’t ever use and distract from the best experience possible.

Find your favorites

Sort by category to find the best game for you: Single Player, Two Player: Versus, and Two Player: Co-Op.

Frequently Asked Questions

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