AirFrame Chassis
AirFrame Chassis

AirFrame Chassis

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The Standard Arcade Controller is currently in pre-production. Orders are estimated to ship in May. Place your order now and save!

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Customize your PC build for your Polycade Sente!

  • Standard ATX configuration
  • Mounting for 2x SSD or HDD
  • Powder coated white


Powder coated steel


Standard ATX configuration
Mounting for 2x SSD or HDD


Polycade Sente
Polycade Lux
Polycade Retro
Any wooden arcade with enough space

Power up your PC!

Looking to take your Sente to the next level of modern gaming?

The AirFrame enables you to install your own PC build into your Polycade Sente or other arcade machine - giving you full control & the possibility for ultimate power.

With its innovative open-air structure, the AirFrame not facilitates optimal airflow and easy access for PC reconfiguration & customization.

Drop in a beefy graphics card and crank your Street Fighter 6 or Mortal Kombat 1 graphics settings to 11!

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Polycade Compatible

The AirFrame is compatible with any Polycade arcade machine!

You could also use it in any arcade machine that has enough room inside!