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Pay-to-play model for operators

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Polycade Home was created for users who want a fully custom home arcade experience.

Mount your Polycade to your wall and customize it with any games you want. Choose from 1000s of games on existing platforms to make Polycade Home into your own personal multicade.

Polycade Home comes pre-installed with Steam and emulators so you can play hundreds of games right out of the box.

Polycade Free-to-play was created for businesses who are looking for an attractive arcade machine as a value add for their venue.

Our software monitors which games are being played and curates the most engaging titles specially to your location, making Polycade Free-to-play perfect for any office, retail store, luxury apartment, coworking space, hospitality location, restaurant, or bar.

Polycade Pay-to-play was created for operators and amusement space owners who are looking to expand their routes and spend less time driving around.

Polycade Pay-to-play uses artificial intelligence to swap out underperforming titles for new games that will maximize profits in your unique setting.

Polycade Pay-to-Play is cashless and cloud-based, which means we can detect if something is broken and alert you, and you never have to cash out in person.

Operating system comparison

Windows 10 operating system. Build your game library through Steam or by adding your own ROMs.

Game updates managed automatically through Polycade service, making things as easy as possible for commercial environments.

Game updates managed automatically through Polycade service in order to optimize engagement in pay-to-play environments.

Game comparison

Fully customizable.
Managed by you.

Recommended games

Full catalog of licensed games available. Managed by Polycade

Full catalog of licensed games available. Managed by Polycade.

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Specification comparison 

With the exception of the following, the technical specs of all 3 models of Polycade are the exact same:



Tempered glass



Card reader

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