Polycade Lux

The ultimate casual gaming system.

 Polycade is the only arcade machine that's been designed for classic and modern games, giving you the ability to play everything from the best new indies, retro classics, or the most graphics-intensive modern fighters. 


Tons of


Form, meet function.

If the arcade machine was first designed today, what would it look like? 

We think it would be minimal & elegant to fit anywhere. Tucked out of the way when you need the space, but still photogenic enough for all those selfie moments.

It would be simple, easy-to-use, and easy to maintain, with plenty of choice in game options.

It would look like a Polycade.

High grade steel 


Super slim profile.

Powder coated finish.

Modern design. 

Any game. Any time.

Each Polycade comes with up to 30 handpicked games*. Discover & download the best new games on Polycade AGS, or from existing platforms like Steam and GOG.

*Each Polycade purchase includes a $100 gift card to spend in the Polycade Game Store, allowing you to load up your selection of favorites - all included in the price of the product.

Here are just a few of our favorite games that you can purchase on Steam and play on your Polycade:


Download 1,000s of games from existing platforms to make Polycade Lux into your own personal multicade.


Polycade Lux comes pre-installed with Polycade AGS, Steam, and emulators so you can play all of your favorite of games right out of the box.

Endless Emulation

Play games from systems such as NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx16, Atari 2600, GameBoy, Advance, GameCube, and more!

We're Control freaks.

Inputs chosen with all games & players in mind, because accuracy isn’t just for the pros.


We sourced the absolute best Sanwa joysticks and customized our controls for maximum agility of movement, accuracy, smoothness, and comfort.


No dead zones and no hard springs means no inaccuracies in neutral positions


We've added a custom octagonal restrictor gate for a perfectly spaced engage zone.


Compact design and a smooth pivot. Free & agile movement with lminor deflection.


The perfect height and size for extreme comfort. Your hands will thank you.


With a slightly convex shape and a smooth input, you have precise control and a uniform response no matter where you tap.


We use the 2.25" diameter trackball size that was made for classic arcade machines. It's also made of a durable polycarbonate, so you can rest assured that it'll last a lifetime.

Set the Standard.

Polycade isn’t your parent’s arcade machine. It is the new standard for all arcade machines.


A riser with 2 USB ports can be found in the push-to-open drawer, giving you plenty of options for adding to your Polycade.

Connect a keyboard, mouse, add extra storage, or drop in your games with a thumb drive. Or, if 2 players isn’t enough, connect 2 additional XBox controllers to the USBs for some 4-player arcade gaming.






Camera & Microphone

An HD camera with a wide angle lens will let your friends watch your best gaming moments in high-definition.

Feel free to narrate your gameplay with the built-in stereo microphone. Your voice will sound crystal-clear.

12-megapixel sensor for high def streaming

Microphone captures your voice accurately

120-degree field of view  Wide angle lens


Polycade uses the highest quality amp & speakers, so you can expect ultra-low distortion and pop-free performance.

With integrated bluetooth, enjoy the full convenience of pairing and streaming high quality Bluetooth audio through your Polycade.

Use the control knob to turn it down if you find yourself up late unable to stop gaming, or plug in some headphones into the provided AUX port for extra courtesy.

Integrated bluetooth

Hidden volume control knob

Aux port for headphones

Extra Features

We've built a lot of arcade machines. We've seen them used by experts and casual players, we've seen them used in homes and in brutal environments like bars and childcare.

We designed the Polycade with years of experience in a variety of environments, packing all of this knowledge into a slim, easy to use, infinitely expandable arcade console.

Modular control panel

LED backlighting that can be customized with provided remote

Instructional magnets to help you get familiar with the button layout.

5 GHz wifi. and a RJ-45 jack for hard-wiring your internet connection

Outplay. Outperform.

Within the 17" depth are some of the most powerful hardware components out there, allowing you to play anything from graphics intensive modern games to classics from the 80's and 90's.


Ryzen 5 3400G




SSD Storage




Radeon RX Vega 11







Ready to play?

Need help buying? Contact us anytime at info@polycade.com